How to Check Visa Application for The Republic of Korea Online

Not known to all, that you can track and check the status of your visa application for The Republic of Korea online. This is good as before you even pick up your passport at the embassy you already have an idea as to whether your visa has been approved or not. It will spare you from being so nervous while on queue for the release of your passport. That is absolutely amazing! Isn’t it? 

So here’s how I did it.

1. Go to Korean Visa Portal.

2. Select English located at the upper right corner of the page as the whole page is of course written in Korean Language.  

3. Choose Check on Application Status. You may see this on menu located at the left side corner of the page.

4. Then click on Check Application Status and Print. The page will display the following image.

5. Tick on Diplomatic Office on the field “Type of Application”.

6. On the “Select” field, choose  Passport No., then type your passport number on the space provide after it. 

7. Type your name on the field “Name in English. Make sure to follow this format (<Surname> space <Name>).  No comma needed after the surname.

8. Choose your date of birth on the Calendar Icon found after the field “Date of Birth”.  

9. Click on Search.  The page should display the status of your visa application, it would say application has been received, or approved or denied depending on the time you are accessing it.

Yehey! Visa granted! Got my status dawn of the day I am scheduled to pick it up.

So that’s it!
Goodluck on your visa applications! 

Enjoy Korea! 

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